Clear Bag Policy

Clear Bag Policy

Grossinger Motors Arena's clear bag policy


In response to the need for heightened security procedures, Grossinger Motors Arena has implemented the following policies to ensure a safe, enjoyable event experience for all guests.


At the discretion of Grossinger Motors Arena security personnel, certain items are deemed hazardous or potentially dangerous and are denied access to the facility. Upon entering the venue, guests will be exposed to handheld security wands, electronic magnetometers and bag searches.  Guests will be required to remove hats and empty pockets of all items prior to scanning.  Each guest will be allowed to carry in one (1) clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC bag that does not exceed 12” x 6” x 12” or one (1), one-gallon clear plastic bag. In addition to a clear plastic bag each guest will be allowed to carry in one (1) small clutch that does not exceed 4.5” x 6.5”. Diaper bags (with a child 3 and under) and bags carrying medically necessary items will be allowed after a visual inspection inside the bag is completed by security.  Guests who have bags larger than this size will be asked to return them to their vehicle or discard them.  All bags, purses or personal items of any size will be subject to search.  In the event that prohibited items are revealed during a search, the guest will be permitted to return the item to their vehicle or the item will be confiscated prior to guest entrance.  Grossinger Motors Arena is unable to store over-sized or prohibited items. 

Building management has the sole right to determine the type of pre-event screening and what items are prohibited.


Due to the fact that these security measures may cause slight delays, fans are encouraged to arrive early to allow adequate time to enter the building.