Staff Members

Adams, Monica

House Manager
(309) 434-2768 Email Adams, Monica

High, Ryan

Production Manager
Email High, Ryan

High, Susan

Patron Services Manager
(309) 434-2769 Email High, Susan

Kim, JongHun

Artistic Manager
(309) 434-2766 Email Kim, JongHun

Leach, Brian

Rental Manager
(309) 434-2782 Email Leach, Brian

Mack, James

Performing Arts Manager
(309) 434-2760 Email Mack, James

Rakestraw, Thom

Marketing Manager
(309) 434-2786 Email Rakestraw, Thom

Ramirez, Shannon

Team Support Staff
(309) 434-2787 Email Ramirez, Shannon

Smith, Tom

Arena Operations Manager
Email Smith, Tom

Spence, Cara

Development Manager
(309) 434-2763 Email Spence, Cara

Veal, Eric

Assistant Director of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts
(309) 434-2260 Email Veal, Eric

Wegrzynski, Andrew

Marketing Associate
(309) 434-2413 Email Wegrzynski, Andrew