Staff Members

Verove, Azadiam Silvid

Asst. Production Manager
Email Verove, Azadiam Silvid

Grisham, Greg

Business Manager
(309) 434-2760 Email Grisham, Greg

Lange, Sarah

House Manager
(309) 434-2768 Email Lange, Sarah

Todden, Josh

Food & Beverage Manager
(309) 319-5339 Email Todden, Josh

Leach, Brian

Rental Manager
(309) 434-2782 Email Leach, Brian

Manuel, Eric

Production Manager
Email Manuel, Eric

Maubach, Josh

Marketing Manager
(309) 434-2953 Email Maubach, Josh

Nelson, Anthony

Director of Arts & Entertainment
(309) 434-2842 Email Nelson, Anthony

Ramirez, Shannon

Team Support Staff
(309) 434-2787 Email Ramirez, Shannon

Sawyer, Kathy

Development Manager
(309) 434-2763 Email Sawyer, Kathy

Woods, Kristen

Operations Manager
(309) 831-5883 Email Woods, Kristen

Wilcott, Mike

Assistant Director of Arts & Entertainment
(309) 434-2766 Email Wilcott, Mike